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The Mammal Virus

Lance Sanders, the original member of the Mammal Virus, decided in Oct. 2019 to get his band back together. Joining forces with Apolonio Romero Jr., a fellow Fort Worth musician and drummer, they set upon finding the missing pieces of the puzzle. Using “old school” methods like online message boards for musicians, Lance connected with Rodney Stoffer, a seasoned guitarist from New Orleans. Then connected with Lee Ryan, an experienced bassist and boutique tube amp builder

The chemistry of this new lineup was apparent from their first rehearsal together. Incorporating Rodney's psychedelic blues infused flair mixed in with Lance, Apolonio and Lee's deeply embedded roots in the DFW music scene; the music comes together as an emotionally resonant psychedelic indie grunge rock sound.

The Mammal Virus is embarking on a journey of songwriting and performances that will definitely stand the test of time. As of Oct. 2020 The Mammal Virus released a compilation of all their previously recorded songs, titled "9 Years of Medicine", by reworking established songs and writing new material.  Their hard work culminated on Oct 10 as they celebrated the release of “9 years of Medicine” to a sold out crowd at MASS in Fort Worth

The band continues to work on new material, and booking several shows for 2021, proving the journey never ends.